the purpose of college

There’s a lot to say about the way that undergraduate and graduate educations fit into American society. And there’s a lot of uncertainty right now. Maybe another time I’ll write up some of my thoughts, but for today I want to share an amazingly good read by Gregory Sadler, professor of a critical thinking class.

It’s good enough of a read that I really don’t have much to add.  It sums up my experiences very well and also offers a model for instructors to follow (it’s a shame it’s too late to start my class like that).


2 thoughts on “the purpose of college

  1. You’re welcome! If I teach an undergraduate class again I’ll probably start off with something like that, because it really addresses part of the core disconnect I struggle with.

    My experience in the classroom is similar to one of your comments – I ask for ideas about solving a problem and I’m typically met with silence. Usually they don’t appear to be thinking but instead just stare at me or the clock. Thankfully I have a higher tolerance for awkward silence than my students.

    And I definitely agree that once a student has answered a question they’re “warmed up” to continue participating.

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