I’ve been backed up with changes to my thesis, so here are some simple links to enjoy.

  • Why you may not like your job, even though everyone envies you
    The basic problem is the question of working in industry or academia in response to a Harvard professor that left to go to Google.  It’s certainly food for thought – I definitely agree that there’s a huge amount of satisfaction in creating a system that works, works well, and is used by many people.  At the same time, I definitely believe it’s important to research the theoretical problems and solutions so that the field can progress.  It’s like starting at the menu in a restaurant or deciding where to go for lunch.
  • Damning with praise
    Although this article isn’t about NLP, it’s interesting relevant.  They describe one of the problems in recommendation letters for women – such letters tend to use words like “cooperative” or “helpful” in contrast to recommendation letters for men which tend to use words like “confident” or “independent”. Note that we’re not talking about who’s writing the letter; we’re talking about who the letter is about.  Also note that I haven’t tracked down the original source so I can’t say whether the study is reliable or not. In any case, using NLP to analyse gender issues and differences tends to be pretty interesting.

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