Snow Leopard upgrade + Perl

I updated my MacBook to Snow Leopard sometime last summer, and apparently it blew away my old version of Perl.  This also blew away any modules I had installed, notably Text::BibTeX, which I use to parse BibTeX files to generate a webpage of papers.  Today, I wanted to compare my BibTeX to the bbl file for my dissertation and see what things I forgot to cite.

Installation via CPAN failed (perl -MCPAN -e”install Text::BibTeX”), so I downloaded manually and the Makefile.PL failed because I don’t have a C compiler… because Snow Leopard blew away my previous install of Xcode I guess.  So now I’m engaged in an (estimated) 20-minute install of Xcode from DVD to get gcc or equivalent to install manually.

After installing Xcode, I decided to try installing again via CPAN module, but it failed. In contrast, the manual install worked fine.


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