After the Deadline

In configuring WordPress better, I found that it already implemented some of the things I wanted to implement in research for TeXShop.  Well, actually, After the Deadline is the real implementation.  I had come across this months ago when I made the switch to Google Chrome, but it required a form submission to check input so I never really used it.  The extension page was really unclear, but the WordPress pages explain better.

After the Deadline does improved spell checking (e.g., their vs they’re) which should’ve been implemented in word processing years ago.  I haven’t played with the grammar checker, but the style checking is what really interested me.

Most of the AtD checks are things that can be processed using word/phase lists (e.g., offensive words, clichés, certain jargon).  Some of it is a little more complex, like identifying complex wordings, nouns that should really be verbs, and vague phrases.  I have to say I’m impressed and excited to see what it can do.

Some notes after trying it:

  • it’s enabled in “Personal Settings” under the Users menu
  • it checks the text after pressing Post or Update
  • I’ll admit I’m impatient with popup checkboxes; I pressed okay which submitted the thing after a couple of seconds rather than cancel which let me read the suggestions
  • some of the style suggestions are unusual; “implement” and “input” are tagged as complex expressions.  “should’ve” is tagged as a typo and it suggests “should be” or “would’ve”.  “can be” in the third paragraph is tagged as passive, which is helpful.
  • It helpfully let me fix “cliches”, which lacked the accented é
  • If you modify the text based on the suggestions, it doesn’t re-check them before publishing.

To summarize, After the Deadline gives many helpful suggestions, but the interface is a bit awkward in WordPress (maybe it’s cleaner in OOo Writer).


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